​Sea Active™ Skincare is formulated with seaweeds that are known (clinically documented) for cellular rejuvenation. But what makes our products different from others, is that our “broth” includes these seaweeds. The products also include ingredients that Vinni Parrinello developed from the seaweeds.

Our Alginiacin Hyaluronate is a complex made with seaweeds (Nori, Red Hawaiian Gracilaria Salicornia: high in collagen building amino acids, Turbinaria Ornate: promotes cell regeneration, Red Fijian Seaweed: known for it’s anti-cancer, antiviral, and antibacterial properties, Palmaria Palmata: limits melanogenesis and the transport of melanosomes to lighten brown spots and creates a better skin clarity) so that we can target the basal junction layer in the epidermis where the ingredient is most beneficial to the skin.

​​Vinni developed Sea Active™ Skincare to make a difference in how our skin looks, no matter what. She didn’t want to sacrifice our wellness by using chemicals that can harm us or the environment. It’s simple really. We want others to put their best face forward despite health challenges that compromises the skin. We offer much more than hope in a jar, our goal is to enhance self esteem and boost confidence.