Medications and treatments being used to treat cancer compromise the skin. They can change and interfere with the exchanging of information between the cells and their DNA, often resulting in telomere damage.

The extensive research and development of Sea Active™ Skincare began over twenty five years ago when Sea Active™ Skincare product creator, Vincene Parrinello was battling cancer, and then years later being diagnosed with a rare spindle cell melanoma on her arm. She was appalled by ingredients used in other skin care products, and lack of performance by more natural, organic products. She was angered to see a host of harmful, controversial ingredients (parabens, butylene/propylene glycols, triethanolamine, sulfates, acrylates, BHT-a formaldehyde releasing chemical) in products that were specifically targeted to the cancer patient market. Doctors, nurses, skin care professionals, nutritionists and naturopathic healthcare practitioners are carefully educated by our company so they can help inform their patients of personal care ingredients to avoid, as well as how to select a skin care product to help them care for their skin from the treatment period forward.

Our products have been carefully formulated without perfumes. Only the highest quality essential oils provide uplifting, soothing, calming, and invigorating benefits. Each formula has a specific aromatherapy blend to help comfort the senses.

An independent study conducted through Sea Active™ Skincare research, as well as the findings of the recent survey from Cancer Care, showed that nearly 85% of people with cancer are concerned about the influence and effects of medications used to treat their cancer or other diseases, and also, how those concerns about their appearance and physical state play a role in the emotional side of battling diseases as serious as Cancer, Diabetes, Lupus, Heart disease, Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis and other auto immune disorders.

Sea Active™ Skincare products have been researched for effectiveness — each batch has a lab evaluation done to ensure safety and purity. Our goal was to put a more pure, effective skincare product into the hands of those who have more challenged skin. Those without skin challenges have also come to respect and value our products.

Many medications and treatments cause very specific skin conditions. Sea Active™ Skincare products help to intensively hydrate, protect, and promote overall skin wellness and regeneration. Vincene used her nursing background to formulate this exceptional holistic product line in the hopes of helping others see vibrant, healthier appearing skin — despite medical or emotional tolls that can compromise the skin. She hopes to inspire others, and bring them hope.

We thank our Oncology Nurses for their input with these common dermatological side effects from medications used to treat cancer, and are so elated to know that Vinni’s Sea Active™ Skincare formulas can comfort and enhance the skin’s appearance, even under these extreme conditions.