Stay Healthy During Summertime Travel

It’s official.  Summer has arrived. The color burst and boom of the 4th of July fireworks lit up the skies from coast to coast. With this joyous, playful time of year comes lots of summer gatherings, vacations, getting to and from home to our destinations. No matter how you get there: car, plane, or train, traveling can be a draining experience. I found that there are things you can do to help boost your experience and even enhance your stay, whether it’s at a resort or the home of a relative, bringing the comforts of home with you can help you keep your mind, body and spirit healthy during summer trips.


In flight: Airlines have made great strides to develop healthier menus, however, bringing some healthy snacks onboard is always a great idea.  Carry on some fruit, dried snacks, and nuts. Don’t forget that bottle of water. It’s so important to stay hydrated in flight, whether it’s an hour or six, drink your water. Your skin will love it, but your vital organs will appreciate it also! I love to take off my shoes on longer flights and slipping into my snuggly socks. I also bring on board the Vinni’s Reserve Serum and massage my arms and calves during longer flights to help my blood circulating. I also dab some of the serum on my palms, behind my ears, and on my neck to help comfort me. Often when I do this the people around me appreciate the natural aromatherapy from the soothing French Lavender and Tropical Tiare.


On the train: There is something quite romantic about traveling on a train. If I have to head up to Los Angeles for a meeting, I often take the train instead of driving. I enjoy train travel, especially in Europe.  It’s a nostalgic throwback to my childhood, traveling with my Aunty and Grandma. I prefer the “Quiet Car”, which is completely conversation free (no cell phones allowed), I put away my phone and computer and look out the windows to enjoy the scenery. If that’s not enough, catching a few extra winks never hurt anyone.


Your Stay: It doesn’t matter if I check into a hotel, resort, or a relatives house,I find myself a bit unsettled.  One way that I found to help me settle in was lighting an aromatherapy travel size candle that I packed and also running to a close flower stand or supermarket to purchase some flowers for my room (most times when staying with family, flowers are already in the room-I am so blessed to have family/friends that make my stay so wonderful). I also unpack my clothes, there is nothing worse than living out of a suitcase. I really appreciate my Sea Active Skincare products. They are the first thing I unpack and set on the bathroom counter vanity.
I’m thrilled that our sizes are travel friendly and always bring my Marine Guardian Cleanser, the Nature’s Evidence Mist, Vinni’s Private Reserve Serum, Skin Guardian and Seas This Moment Age Delay Serum.  Be sure to ask about getting our 1oz. travel sizes of Marine Guardian Cleanser and Nature’s Evidence Mist. We often carry these during the summer.

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