Our Environmental Impact

At Sea Active, we are very careful. The careful formulation of our products allows us to take a very close look at our ingredients and packaging. One way we keep our environmental footprint small is the sourcing of our ingredients. Sea Active is hyper aware of  the sustainable source we harvest each one of our oils and seaweeds from. We harvest our seaweeds from a special farm to avoid depleting naturally occurring seaweeds in the ocean. Our natural extracts and pure oils come from only non-GMO plants. And, we never test on our furry friends.

Slide1Founder of Sea Active, Vinni Parrinello, is always researching new ways the company can be more sustainable. She also follows the production of each product from start to finish, meeting with farmers and suppliers to guarantee quality and sustainability.  This makes it easy to ensure a bright and green future for our families, your family, and the rest of the world. But, we don’t just stop at our ingredients. Our packaging, bottles, jars, pumps, and everything in between are selected with our beautiful planet in mind as well. Sea Active has never had trouble standing out and really fixing problems that most companies ignore and that’s because we care about more than just your skin. Why sacrifice the planet for beauty? We hope to see positive change in the world with every person we reach.

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