Thank you for visiting our site. We would be honored to help you care for your skin. Our Founder and CEO, Vincene Parrinello has been featured in People, In Style, Women’s World, Guidepost and O Magazines for her incredible story of hope and being the First Woman or Man to obtain a USA Patent on the main ingredient of a skin care formula.

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noun | der•ma•sea•ti•cal

A new skin care category. Our therapeutic, certified organic, trade secret, DermaSeatical® prestige, organic plant based skin care line is formulated with our proprietary ingredients. The sea is a host of skin repairing, nurturing and revitalizing plants when combined in the perfect nature hosted delivery systems can restore skin vitality, even under the most stressful conditions.

Sea Active® Skincare products are formulated with seaweed extracts, peptides, organic plant stem cells, extracts and essential oils. We use ingredients at recommended percentages not a trickle or “fairy dust” amount of these ingredients, which many companies do to seduce consumers into purchasing because they see the ingredient on the label.

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Vinni’s products work. I had been seeing a skin care RN for skin treatments (and spending good money to have these treatments) to help the hyper pigmentation areas on my face. I tried everything and nothing really seemed to work to help lighten the appearance of these discolorations I had on my face…

L. Budniewski

You name it, I tried it. My skin has such issues and nothing really helped me. I have oily, acne prone skin, but in some areas, I am dry. Vinni’s products have greatly influenced my skin. The clarity of my skin, the texture and tone are so much better…

C. Kastner

I have been using Vinni’s products during my treatment of cancer and have continued to use them now as I am in recovery from cancer. These products have restored the vibrancy and healthy look and feel to my skin and provided me with such comfort when my skin was so badly influenced by the chemotherapy and anti-rejection medications I was on for a couple of years….

S. Barnes