What, exactly, is a Serum?

Serums deliver powerful smaller molecular ingredients that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. This makes them a great tool for targeting wrinkles and compromised skin due to illness and medications.  Serums can be full of moisturizing agents like hyaluronic acid to help skin retain moisture.

It acts as a neutralizing shield against UV rays and free radicals, so your skin experiences less aging effects from sunlight and damaging pollution — and that means less brown spots, uneven redness, and wrinkles

Serums should not be confused with actual moisturizers, which are applied after to create a barrier on top of the skin. 

Serums can be potent, so be careful when using them.  Many brand contain powerful ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin.  Sea Active™ serums do not contain ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin.

Our BioGeniSea™ Fucoidan Serum uses our SEA-12 Complex to preserve collagen types I and II while stimulating epidermal skin cell preservation, and guarding the skin from harmful UV radiation effects.  BioGeniSea offers probiotic benefits to the skin.

Trade secret AL-Glucuronic Acid Complex helps create an “insulating barrier” securing moisture levels in the skin exposed to harsh, dry climates or due to dry skin caused by illness and medications.  

The French Criste Marine stem cells have a rich cache of the “essence of youth” that delay aging, providing endless energy and skin repair.

The power of Seaweed, Hyaluronate acid and Plant stem cells. Alginiacin Hyaluronate™, Kalanchoe Pinnata, and Leaf Extract all offer anti-inflammatory, protective and skin repairing properties in the basal junction epidermal layer.

And, as always, our line of skincare is organic and free of chemicals that are harmful to skin and to the environment.