The Sea Active Difference: Biogenic Seaweed Antioxidant Broth vs. Water

The main ingredient in 97% of skin care products, organic or not, is purified, deionized water. Some lines have plant extracts such as aloe for their main ingredient. I looked at cosmetic chemistry more like a chef.  If I am baking a brownie and my brownie tastes awful, am I going to use the same cocoa or flour?  No. Well then if skin care is really not performing well, why would I use the standardized main ingredient, water? This is wheKelp Backgroundre my journey begins as a skin care formulator.

I took pure spring water from Hawaii, Fiji, and glaciers and infused that water with fifteen different varieties of seaweeds, five types of     green teas, fruits, flowers and even some vegetables. These are all “steeped” in a trade secret process, then strained.  When strained, this “broth” becomes the main ingredients of Sea Active Skincare instead of just using water or other plant extracts. Its’ called the BSAB or the Biogenic Seaweed Antioxidant Broth.

The benefits to the skin have been off the charts. We put this broth  into a facial mist formula, our Nature’s Evidence Mist.  When you mist the skin with this broth hydration is increased by 1000%. Not 100%, but 1000% because of the many plants being used as a botanical source of hyaluronic acid. This helps the skin retain moisture and be moisturized. Water doesn’t do that. In fact, water may actually dehydrate the skin.

When we looked at the benefits from this BSAB special water on the skin of 75 women, using TEWL Testing, (Transepidermal Water Loss) we were given statistics that surpassed what I was hoping for. Being that my skin wanted to be dry, mostly from medications that I have to take, I was always trying to find a way to better hydrate my skin. This broth finally fulfilled that need.  Hundreds of my customers constantly let me know how much the Nature’s Evidence Mist has helped their skin.  Even if their skin was oily, it helped (this would help calm the production of oil from the sebaceous glands). It is beneficial for everyone. Women and men love to mist with it after shaving!

It’s important to remember when searching for an effective skin care product that the ingredients on the labels or boxes should be viewed as a “product resume” of sorts.  We are simply packaged, but there is nothing simple about how we have developed pure formulas to care for and replenish the skin!

When you can proudly bare your skin (in fact our professional facial is called the Bare Confidence Facial) then you know your skin care is working.  We realize our price points are not inexpensive. They are competitive and we give you so much more.  Even our sizes are generous. Our eye products are a full ounce vs. the majority brands giving you only a half ounce. We use true to size packaging to give you an honest view of our products as opposed to big companies tricking you with more for more packaging. An ounce or two of our skin care lasts about two to two and a half months. Best of all, you can relax when you are using our products because their genuine ingredients and organic formulas will enhance your skin and bring vibrancy back to your complexion!
That’s our promise.

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