Introduction to Sea Active™ Skincare

Like there aren’t enough skin care products on the market today that I had to formulate another one. That’s because the other brands were not developed with the soul and purpose that Sea Active™ Skincare was developed with.  Being in this industry for over 25 years, I have seen everything.  It scares me. What people are willing to compromise to make a buck in this industry.  I have had health issues since I was younger. Then I had metastatic breast cancer at 32 and everything from there changed for me.  I did many things to help boost my immune system to work along with the medications they needed to give me to beat the cancer that invaded my body.  I wanted to survive. My only sister at that time was dying from cancer complicated by AIDS (after a blood transfusion).  I already lost my mom and maternal aunts to cancer.  Something needed to change dramatically.

What makes Sea Active™ Skincare so unique is that I turned to the ocean to solve many of the issues that confronted my well being including my skin.  I found seaweeds and sea botanicals to offer many interesting rejuvenating, repairing, and replenishing benefits. Then I started playing with some seaweeds to try and “grow my own species”.  We have come up with some unique ingredients in this process. These ingredients really set our formulas apart from other brands for their unique ability to influence the appearance of even the most challenged complexion.  This was a dream come true for me.  It’s one thing to use great skin care when you are healthy, it’s another thing to finally find a skin care product that helps skin that looks more lined, wrinkled, less vibrant and aged because of an illness and the medications used to treat that illness.  It has to do with the changes in our cellular DNA.  How can our skin respond to the standardized formulating of skin care, more important, why would anyone consider putting harmful chemicals in skin care when you know that the skin and well being can suffer?  I am not sure, but these were the motivating reasons why I formulated Sea Active™ Skincare.  I was inspired by the seas ingredients and touched by the fact that my formulas have made a significant difference in many people’s skin.  That empowers me and helps me continue my work. Both in creating new ingredients as well as working on formulas to be the best they can be. The purpose of this blog is to heighten the educational side of my company in order to share the knowledge I have gained from my research. Check back weekly for new posts of a variety of topics.

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