How To Treat And Prevent Skin Problems Using Sea Active Skincare Products

A person’s physical and psychological well-being can be severely harmed by skin disease. Study shows the wide-ranging effects of skin disorders on people’s lives, including academic, relationship and professional choices, as well as social, sexual, and recreational activities. Skincare problems can cause a palpable sense of helplessness, frustration, and, in many cases, loneliness. 

Below are the common skincare problems and how you can treat or prevent them using Sea Active Skincare products. 


Acne is thought to impact 9.4% of the global population, making it the eighth most common disease on the planet. It affects about 8 out of 10 teenagers, as well as many adults. Acne is so frequent that it’s accepted as a natural part of adolescence. But staring in the mirror at a large pimple on your face hits hard on self-esteem and confidence. 

Acne is a skin condition caused by clogged hair follicles and oil glands, which are frequently caused by abnormal hormone levels. The word acne refers to pimples, blackheads, nodules, and cysts. It is common on the face but often found in the chest and back. 

Acne treatment by a dermatologist is essential because neglected acne can create permanent scars and dark patches mostly on the face. For moderate acne, try Illuminaire™ Enzyme Exfoliant-Mask. It contains five seaweeds in finely milled Amazonian & French Clays, Papaya (papain), and Pineapple (Bromelain) extracts that exfoliate dead skin cells from the surface that can cause skin congestion.

It leaves the skin vibrant-looking, and clearer. The minerals from the French and White Amazon clays energize the skin while removing impurities. They also give the skin a wonderful glow. The seaweed extracts make the skin seem tighter and more toned. Massage this mask on your skin once a week in circular strokes to evenly spread it. You can leave it for one minute if you have sensitive skin and three to five minutes for other types of skin. Rinse and follow through with Sea Active Moisturizer. 

For very dry skin, this exfoliant mask is a must-have in your skincare. It aids with the removal of dry skin, allowing skin treatments to penetrate for their best result. Apply a small amount of mask to any blemishes, leave for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse and best to follow with moisturizer or Clarity™ Skin Gel. 

Atopic dermatitis (Eczema)

Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is a skin ailment that causes redness and itching. It’s most frequent among children, although it can strike anyone at any age. Atopic dermatitis is a long-term (chronic) condition that flares up from time to time. It’s usually accompanied by asthma or hay fever.

A cure for atopic dermatitis has yet to be discovered. Treatments and self-care techniques, on the other hand, can help to alleviate irritation and prevent future outbreaks. Avoiding harsh soaps, moisturizing your skin regularly, and applying medicated lotions or ointments, for example, are all beneficial. You can try Phytogardenology™ Quintessential Hydrating Skin Repair Balm

This expertly crafted balm heals and hydrates the skin thoroughly. It heals and rejuvenates with the fusion of seaweeds and plant extracts, four types of authentic pearl powders, essential oils, and extracts, reviving its vitality lost from skin trauma, injury, or the side effect from many medications. It is applied in the evening on a clean face, neck, and other affected areas. It can be used alone but best applied after Marine DermaSeatical ™ Serum, BioGeniSea Fucoidan™ Serum, or Seas This Moment™ Age-Delay Serum.



When the skin is exposed to too much ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun or sunlamps, sunburns develop. The skin becomes red, irritated, and heated to the touch, and it may even peel away. Even with sunscreen protection, it’s difficult to tell how much time in the sun is safe. Sunburns that occur often, especially as a youngster, might increase the risk of skin cancer later in life. Normally, sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours, but you may just need to avoid the sun altogether.

The first step in curing a sunburn is to find shade, preferably indoor, and cool down the skin. Soak in a cool bath or shower and use a gentle soap. For your face, you can try Marine Guardian™ Balancing Cleanser. It is an all-in-one facial cleanser made with vitamin-rich Biogenic Seaweed Antioxidant Broth™, which is a unique cleaning and skin-replenishing infusion of seaweeds, flowers, teas, and herbs in coconut water, Fijian, and Hawaiian water.

Essential oils of Camellia Seed, Meadowfoam Seed, Melissa Officinalis, Jojoba can hydrate, soothe, and care for the skin, helping to maintain its pH balance. Camellia Seed, Meadowfoam Seed, Melissa Officinalis, Jojoba, and other essential oils moisturize, soothe, and care for the skin while aiding in the maintenance of skin pH. It is a balanced cleanser with anti-inflammatory properties. 

Drink lots of water and moisturize with a mild, oil-free moisturizer or aloe vera. In some circumstances, an over-the-counter topical medication containing lidocaine may be required. If you develop a fever, chills, or severe blistering over a wide area of your body, see a doctor. Blisters should not be scratched or popped since this might lead to infection.

Basal Cell Carcinoma


Basal cell carcinoma, a kind of skin cancer, starts in the basal cells, which are a kind of skin cell that creates new skin cells when the old ones die. Basal cell carcinoma usually shows as a small, translucent lump on the skin, but it can also show in different ways. It can be a transparent pearly white, skin-colored, or pink lump with a touch of visibility through the surface.

Often, tiny blood vessels can be seen. The lesion may be darker but still transparent in those with darker skin tones. This is the most prevalent kind of basal cell carcinoma and can be seen on the face and ears. It’s possible that the lesion will rupture, hemorrhage, and scab over. The least common type of basal cell carcinoma is morphea from basal cell carcinoma, which is a white, waxy, scar-like lesion with no clearly defined boundary.

Basal cell carcinoma most commonly develops on sun-exposed parts of the skin, such as the head and neck. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunshine is assumed to be the cause of most basal cell carcinomas.  To prevent Basal cell carcinoma, stay out of the sun for lengthy periods, wear sunscreen and protective clothing including sunglasses and headgears. 

Sea Active Skincare’s Skin Guardian SPF 20 Daytime Moisturizer is a daytime UVA/UVB moisturizer that helps effectively protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun. Its organic formula doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like Octylmethoxycinnamate and Avobenzone. 

Learn to do skin self-checks on new growths or changes in existing moles, freckles, lumps, or birthmarks. Examine your face, neck, ears, and scalp with the use of mirrors. Examine the tops and undersides of your arms and hands, as well as your chest and trunk. Examine the front and back of your legs, as well as the soles of your feet and the gaps between your toes.

Check your vaginal area as well as the region between your buttocks. Stay away from tanning beds. See your dermatologist once a year for a complete body skin check. Those who have a significant personal or family history of skin cancer may require more regular visits. If you see anything strange, consult your doctor right away.

Surgery and skin medications creams may be used to treat minor regions, whereas radiation may be used to treat bigger ones. 

Contact Dermatitis


Have you ever tried a new skincare product or detergent only to find that it irritates and reddens your skin? If this is the case, you may have had contact dermatitis.  When substances you come into touch with trigger a response, you get this ailment.

The majority of contact dermatitis reactions are mild, although they can be bothersome until the itching stops. To avoid contact dermatitis, avoid touching the thing as much as possible from plants (poison ivy, sumac, oak), jewelry, latex gloves, to irritants like bleach or soaps. Antihistamines, oral or topical steroids, and colloidal oatmeal baths are frequently used to relieve symptoms. If suspected of contact dermatitis, patch testing is clinically advised. Patch testing involves the application of allergenic chemicals to your skin. Your doctor will check for a response in a few days.

Prevention is always better than cure. To keep yourself safe from these common skin issues, make sure to incorporate organic and safe products into your skincare routine. If you’re looking for a masterfully blended organic skincare product that works, try Sea Active Skincare today!