Everything You Should Know About Eye Creams

When doing skincare, the most essential steps you can do after washing your face is to moisturize and apply sunscreen. But nowadays, there are already products in the market meant to target each of our specific skin issues, like eye creams.

Everything You Should Know About Eye Creams

Why you need separate creams for your eyes

If you’re wondering if you need a separate eye cream for your eyes, then the short answer is yes. The skin around your eyes is more sensitive and delicate compared to the other areas of your body, so it also has some other concerns. These concerns, which often include dark circles, may need to be addressed differently as you would address the issues on other parts of your face.

Aside from brightening your eye area and reducing the appearance of fine lines, one of the primary goals of eye cream is to provide your eye area the same ingredients you put on your face but at gentler doses to prevent irritation.

Eye cream vs. regular moisturizer

Eye creams may contain some of the same active ingredients found in moisturizers or anti-aging products like retinol creams. However, they’re formulated with lower doses and aren’t as potent because the thin skin around the eyes absorbs better compared to the thicker skin on other areas of the face. Over moisturizing the eye area with something too potent can cause irritation.

To put it simply, eye creams are just specially formulated moisturizers that are designed to be used in that specific area.

The best eye cream ingredients

When choosing an eye cream, the safest option is to select something hypoallergenic and does not have fragrance. So, if you’re using a moisturizer that contains fragrances, it would be best to keep it away from your eyes. Scented products can be a cause of irritation or allergic reactions around your delicate eye area.

A lot of eye creams also contain caffeine, which has an immediate, temporary tightening effect. These products can make your eye area look a little better almost instantly. Eye creams with retinol also help in speeding up the process of skin cell reproduction. Retinol has long been used not only to keep the signs of aging at bay but also to address various health problems including night blindness.

Eye products that contain vitamin C and peptides are also known to provide anti-aging benefits. These ingredients help in strengthening the skin around the eye and make it more robust.

For moisturization, you can use eye products formulated with ceramides. However, they are not long-term solutions for fine lines.

To reduce the appearance of wrinkles under your eyes, choose products that contain hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid can provide an immediate plumping solution to the saggy skin under your eyes. But as mentioned earlier, many eye creams will contain the same ingredients as facial moisturizers, just at lower doses.

All-over facial moisturizers as eye creams

All-over facial moisturizers as eye creams

If the moisturizer you use on your entire face is formulated to moisturize the skin and protect the moisture barrier, it is safe to use it around the eyes. However, if you’re using acne products or anti-aging creams, then it’s probably best to avoid the eye area to prevent irritation.

Some people can develop a tolerance to more potent products like facial retinol creams, which usually contain a higher percentage of the active ingredient.

So, if you’ve been using creams on your face for a long time, you can slowly bring it up on your eye area. After some time, your eye area may not experience the side effects such as dryness or flakiness, and they can also benefit from the good ingredients that those products have to offer.

On the other hand, it is totally fine to use your eye cream to moisturize your entire face, but we’re not saying it works better than using your actual facial moisturizer. We still don’t recommend using an eye cream for your whole face because your entire face can tolerate higher strengths of medication and more potent active ingredients. This means using something with higher potency on your face can yield better results. Further, using eye cream on your entire face can be pretty expensive.

When to start using an eye cream

Eye cream should be a part of your daily skincare routine from teens into adulthood. If you’re old enough to ask questions, then you’re also old enough to use eye creams. Remember that your skin is an organ that needs maintenance, and there’s no such thing as too early when it comes to maintenance.

As to using eye creams to prevent signs of aging, keep in mind that you are aging every day, so you should be using anti-aging every day. Your skincare routine should include a product that can protect your eye area from the damage that comes from the free radicals that you encounter every day.

If you still doubt the effectivity of eye creams and the benefits they offer, keep in mind that while these products can be beneficial, they don’t provide magical solutions. This means that while eye cream can brighten the area under your eyes and help a little to improve your saggy skin, there are things it cannot fix, including the slight bulge under your eyes.

When to start using an eye cream

Remember that no matter which product you choose, you should always use it with caution. If you develop extreme redness, irritation, and swelling, discontinue using the product and seek medical attention.

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